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Lectures on Textile Conservation by
Jacqueline Hyman

Jacqueline's lecture serves as a general insight into the work undertaken by a Textile Conservator, outlining the treatments on a variety of different textile items, including dolls, lace, fans, costume and costume accessories, canvas and bead work, embroideries, church vestments and furnishings, and full size tapestries. A comprehensive selection of interesting slides of before, during and after treatment, show what can be achieved by a specialist knowledge of conservation and repair techniques.

The lecture does not seek to turn people into experts but rather counsels against untrained action that, more often than not, exacerbates a problem or ruins an item. Lectures can be tailor-made to suit a particular audience and their special interests, i.e. lace, samplers, etc.

Advice is always given on how safely to store, mount and display textile items so that they can be enjoyed and preserved for future generations.

Jacqueline encourages people to bring textile items in need of repair with them, for discussion at the end of the lecture and this always proves popular.


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