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Preserve the Splendour of Your Wedding Day
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Why do I Need to Take Special Care with my Dress?

Once the excitement of the Wedding Day itself is over, most brides realise that they do not know what to do with the most tangible memory of that wonderful occasion – their beautiful dress.

All too often, it becomes a case of “out of sight – out of mind” and it is stuck in a plastic bag or cardboard box. Plastic bags should not be used for long-term storage as they attract dust, prevent the fibres from breathing and create the perfect environment for mould or insect attacks. Long-term hanging of the dress on a hanger will cause strain on the shoulder seams, especially if the decoration and fullness of the dress make it heavy. Ordinary cardboard releases acid as it ages naturally and will discolour fabric, leaving mottled brown stains that are often impossible to remove.

The high quality Acid-Free Storage Boxes from Restore Products, supplied by us to museums, are totally acid-free, and guarantee total protection against any discolouration from acid staining. Reinforced metal edges at the outer corners, combined with 60 point blue/grey boxboard outer and white inner, create a very durable box. It is supplied already made up so is much stronger than flat pack, self-assembly boxes.

If you hope that your beautiful dress will be worn again by future generations, family or friends, then it must be protected by careful and correct storage. An Acid-Free Storage Box from Restore Products will give you that peace of mind. Otherwise, you may only discover the damage too late, when the dress is needed!

Store your Wedding Dress and Wedding Day artifacts in our Acid Free Wedding Dress Boxes to preserve them for future generations.

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